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Know Your Truck’s Towing Capacity        

Many of our customers buy a truck here in New Waterford to do some type of towing. Whether using your vehicle for work or pleasure, it’s important to know your towing capacity so that you can safely tow without putting undue stress on your vehicle.

Your towing capacity is the amount of weight your vehicle can pull. Keep in mind, it is not just what is attached to your hitch; it’s the weight of everything in your vehicle. This is important to keep in mind when determining what your truck can tow.

To calculate your truck’s towing capacity, engineers take a look at the following areas of a vehicle:

  • Transmission: The type of transmission you have plays a huge part in your towing capacity. Traditionally, manual transmissions were the best choice for hauling big loads, but automatic transmissions have made huge strides in recent years. Talk to the friendly staff at Performance Trucks to find out what’s available.
  • Engine: How much horsepower and torque your engine produces is probably the biggest factor in determining your towing capacity. To maximize fuel efficiency, don’t buy an engine capable of towing much more than you’ll ever use it for, but don’t get one that is not strong enough! Our experts can talk you through what you’ll need.
  • Brakes: When towing, slowing down can be just as hard as getting going. If your brakes are too small, your vehicle might not be able to handle the extra weight, leading to a dangerous situation.  Talk to Performance Trucks about what sort of braking system will be best for your towing needs.

While these aspects aren’t all that go into determining how much your vehicle can tow, they play a huge role. Come check out the selection at Performance Trucks in New Waterford, OH. Talk to our friendly staff about your towing needs, and we’ll help you find a truck that will be able to handle the burden while still giving you an efficient drive! Call 800-507-0242 or visit our lot today