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Maximizing Fuel Efficiency in Your Diesel Truck

Maximum efficiency is what diesel truck drivers strive for. The fuel efficiency of each diesel truck depends on how it is driven. Performance Trucks in New Waterford, Ohio has tips and tricks to getting more miles per gallon!


Following the required speed limit can easily save you a few dollars! Let’s say you’re going 75 mph instead of 70 mph. Your fuel economy could be cut by 10 percent.


Having the right tires for the right weather conditions and right air pressure will help maximize fuel efficiency. Fuel economy can improve up to two miles per gallon.

Cruise Control

Set your speed to the required limit and activate cruise control to maintain consistency throughout your drive. Having cruise control on will help keep a consistent speed. This will help maximize fuel efficiency, especially on the interstate.

Air Conditioning

Only use your AC if you absolutely must. The air conditioner uses fuel. We recommend rolling down your windows if the weather allows it.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep on top of regular maintenance.
  • Don’t rev your engine.
  • Consider diesel fuel additives.

If you visit our service center at our dealership in New Waterford, the service technicians will answer any questions about improving your fuel efficiency. Feel free to also give us a call at 800-507-0242 or make an online appointment today.