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Preparing for a Road Trip

The last thing anyone expects is their vehicle to break down during a road trip. Not only does it cause unnecessary chaos, but it may set back your plans. To get on the road without worries or disruptions, Performance Trucks recommends getting your truck serviced for overall maintenance before you leave. Here are some things to check:


Batteries are often overlooked and expected to last three to five years. However, extreme heat or other factors can drain the lifespan. Before heading out, make a battery check a top priority.


Squeaky brakes and other abnormal noises may mean it’s time to get your brakes replaced. If you’re heading out for a road trip, it’s a good idea to have your brakes checked even if you’re not hearing or feeling any issues.


Fluids such as the oil, brake, and coolant should be at the vehicle manufacturers recommended level. If you’re not sure when you’re due for your next service, come see us!


This is the seed of the coolant system and helps keep the car’s engine at the right temperature. The cost to replace the radiator can be anywhere from $300 to $800. Look at the radiator and save your money for your trip!


The hose helps transfer engine coolant to reach the heater core. To properly have airflow, inspect for cracks or splits. Remember, replacing something like this is a lot cheaper than having to replace the engine.


Are your tires air pressure at the suggested level? Inspect all four tires and see where they stand. Add air as needed to avoid a blowout down on the road. If you own a spare, make sure to provide the same attention as you would to the rest.

If you don’t have one already, we recommend including an emergency kit in your vehicle to prepare for breakdowns before you head out on your trip.

We believe every road trip should be stress free, so let us take care of everything before you head out. Schedule your appointment online or call us at 800-507-0242 to get started. We look forward to helping you!